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  • 980,000,000+
    Products Tracking
  • 3 Billion+
    rows of Historical Data
  • Worldwide
    We have data from
    8+ marketplaces
  • Unthrottled
    Never worry about tokens
  • History
    tracking since 2012

About Sconad

We provide companies with a massive repository of Amazon data to be used in the backend of whatever service your building and help you conquer whatever task you're trying to accomplish.


Our Purpose


If your building or working on a SaaS that needs access to large amounts of Amazon data we have special tailored tools to make it quick and easy.


Are you a brand manager or just simply someone trying to figure out detailed information about bulk asin performance or a competitors asin's performance then you're in the right place.

Marketing Apps

If your creating apps for marketing products our data can be incredibly useful for figuring out the effectiveness of your methods across platforms.


Our Tools

Tag System

Our tagging system allows you to tag certain datasets so that they can be monitored over time and allows you to easily extrapolate correlations between datasets.

Insight Tools

Our insight tool creates dynamic links between changes in certain values over time, for example if you change a keyword and rank your asin rank decreases insights will detect it automatically.

Big Data

We have over 7 years of Amazon rank data and you can use this data to figure out how certain asins in your Amazon category did over a certain amount of time.

Data we provide

Learn about how our tools work and how they gather crutial Amazon data that helps companies and brands grow internationally.

Be at peace

You can be calm knowing that the data you give to your users is the most accurate Amazon data available and always stay above your competitors with new updates on Amazon's every changing ecosystem. Sconad gives you instant access to:

  • ASIN Product Data
  • ASIN Rank
  • Keyword Suggestions (up to 2500 at once)
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • ASIN Search Volume
  • Amazon PPC data
  • Amazon Product Advertising API Access
  • Amazon ASIN Sale Data
  • Amazon ASIN Competition Data
  • Historical Best Seller Rank
  • Historical ASIN Price
  • Historical Keyword Search Volume


Our proprietary tools gather many diffrent stats from Amazon asins in certain categories you choose.


We then get that data and we filter out useless data and get the most accurate results and store them.


We then crunch the data to get specific details about how asins move and deliver the data to our customers.

Solve your problem faster

Why waste your time on boring data when you can focus on improving your SaaS's user experience and working on more exciting stuff and leave the heavy lifting to us.

We've helped lower the work load of SaaS's all around the world, learn about what makes us the best.


Check out some of the questions our customers have asked.

Which pricing plan works best for me?

We offer many diffrent pricing plans that offer varying levels of access to our data and tools some of our plan features are tailored to Amazon SaaS's who are in need massive amounts of data and some for smaller projects who just need rank data.

We offer many pages of documentation to our users to help them understand what each data value does for example conversion rate vs click through rate.

No, upon reqeust we allow users to get asin data from countries like Canada, China, Japan, Ukraine and the EU.

Yes! We offer 4 day evaluation trials for clients who feel our API's can assist them.